The Beauty Pulse Full Spectrum CBD Advantage!

CBD… a buzzword that seems to be popping up everywhere.

What most people do not realize is all CBD is NOT equal, and the effectiveness of CBD is directly related to the extraction method used to separate it from the hemp plant.

Beauty Pulse is dedicated to using only the finest skin care ingredients on the planet, and we always use the purest, most effective cold CO2 extractions of CBD available from hemp plants containing less than 0.3% THC, ensuring our products are non-psychoactive.

Our custom skin care formulations are created within our partner lab, here in the USA. Our lab is FDA approved (for the skin care bases, prior to the addition of CBD), Leaping Bunny certified, so no animal cruelty, and our ingredients are the highest quality skin care ingredients available, using organic and vegan ingredients throughout our entire line of products.

Our CBD is obtained through a sub-critical CO2 extraction method of organic California grown hemp plants; the most premium extraction method which retains all of the available cannabinoids in the plants (preserving the entire full spectrum wellness benefits of CBD, with special focus on safeguarding the raw, acidic profiles), and because it is a cold extraction method, our CBD is guaranteed to be non-psychoactive, because it takes heat to activate THC. Our CBD passes all tests for no pesticide detection, heavy metal content, microbials, mycotoxins, or residual solvents, demonstrating non-detected. (See results below.)

Our team of hemp extraction specialists is on a continuous mission to increase the effectiveness of our products by continually refining the extraction method to increase the level of raw CBDa in our products. CBDa is the acidic profile, and there are more and more research findings every day pointing to the majority of the benefits that can be found in CBDa.

Our latest extraction formulation has increased the level of CBDa content to 77% of the total cannabinoid profile of our products.

Consumers need to be aware that not all CBD has the same level of effectiveness, and the extraction method is what determines premium quality CBD from inferior quality.

A lot of extraction is done with heat or solvents, and both of those destroy much of the cannabinoid profile of the plant. Even CO2 extraction methods can vary between sub-critical extraction (our method – slow process & low temperatures), and super-critical extraction, which involves higher temperatures and faster yields, but the higher heat can result in activating or decarboxylation of CBDa into CBD and THCa into THC, causing a loss of vital compounds and degradation of some of the plants cannabinoids.

More studies are confirming CBDa is much more powerful than decarboxylated CBD, demonstrating raw, whole plant full spectrum CBD as more effective than isolated CBD and even decarboxylated CBD. Current studies are showing CBDa to be at least 4 times more effective than decarboxylated CBD products. Taking CBDa in its raw, unheated form it is more effective as it allows our bodies to decarboxylate the CBDa into CBD internally, rather than decarboxylation occurring outside of our bodies by heating the cannabinoid before consumption.

When CBD and the other 511 components of cannabis-hemp are left in their natural unchanged state, they remain 3 dimensional structures.  When you decarboxylate or burn them they become two-dimensional or denatured. This results in not being fully available to your cells, bypassing your body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. Three dimensional raw structures are more bio-available, making multiple points of contact with the body’s receptors, providing maximum effectiveness and long term healing.  Our focus is to keep the cannabis-hemp plant just as nature intended, so you retain all the benefits of the plant. This is all thanks to our ever-improving sub-critical CO2 extraction method keeping it “low and slow” (low temperatures under 100 degrees and low pressure making it a slow extraction process with as much time as needed).

Our Beauty Pulse customers are our top priority and can rest assured that we are living up to our standard for delivering the finest CBD skin care products in the world.

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