Our CBD Drops Are Scientifically Formulated for Your DNA Function!

The only CBD Drops formulated specifically with your Nucleotide Synthesis Support in mind – the building blocks of your DNA!

Expertly crafted formulations made from the finest, purest, most effective extractions of CBD available. Our proprietary Coffee House Craft Flavor Blends serve up a silent celebration with every drop!

3 delicious flavors to fall in love with!

What Makes BP CBD Drops Different From All The Rest?

  • Our CBD drops are packed with amino acids & scientifically selected minerals vital to your body’s nucleotide synthesis and repair of DNA.
  • Our CBD tests in at 77% CBDA, the acidic precursor to CBD. Higher levels of CBDA guarantee increased bioavailability, more effective results, with less dosage required.
  • Our drops taste amazing!

What are Nucleotides?

And why do they matter?

Nucleotides are the Basic Building Blocks of Your DNA & RNA

New research suggests that Nucleotide Synthesis Support can help repair DNA, slowing or even reversing the aging process.

Wait... Is 300 mg strong enough?

100% YES!

The effectiveness of CBD is NOT in the milligram strength.
Effectiveness is all about the Extraction Method!

You may be thinking, “but I’ve tried CBD and it doesn’t seem to work!

Here's why... There are 3 things wrong with most CBD drops being sold today:

  1. It’s hemp seed oil, which is not even CBD at all, or
  2. It’s CBD isolate, which is completely non-effective no matter how high the milligram content, and/or
  3. It is extracted using heat, solvents and harsh chemicals, which destroy precious cannabinoid and degrade the effectiveness altogether.

Don't be fooled!

Most CBD drops on the market are extracted using high heat, high pressure, solvents & chemicals, destroying cannabinoids and degrading the effectiveness of the product. 

Over 80% of products on store shelves contain something called CBD Isolate, a powder that is widely used & easy to mix into things, yet CBD isolate has been found to be totally non-effective for most issues people are looking to find relief! This is the most misleading part of CBD products. You think higher milligrams will be more potent yet no matter how much isolate is in the product, it won’t be any more effective!

Higher CBDA content = less dossage needed

At 77% CBDA, our products contain the most effective, most premium CBD on the planet.

Scientific research has found:

  • CBDA is more bioavalable, meaning your body absorbs it more readily and quickly than its neutral form, CBD
  • CBDA appears to have an integral role as effective therapy for pain, neurological function, and in fighting certain cancers

Learn more here: 10 Advantages of CBDA

It’s time to try the tastiest CBD drops you’ve ever tried, and get the relief you deserve.

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